Indo Western Fusion with a twist of Jazz

Audience Reactions

“Sands Around Infinity reaches across the language barrier of east and west with moving, profound, and deeply fulfilling spiritual sound.  This is music from a very deep and true source.”  Donovan Reynolds, President and General Manager, Louisville Public Media, KY, WFPL 89.3


“Sands Around Infinity’s music beautifully melds western classical textures with the sweet melodies of bhajan songs in ways that are sometimes ethereal, sometimes lilting, sometimes breathtakingly virtuosic, and always with great care and devotion to their craft. Within their first notes it is clear that this music is an authentic expression of the identity of this unique family of musicians, Westerners who have lived for years on the Indian subcontinent and imbibed deeply from these musical traditions. Their blend of cello, bass, tenor voice, and harmonium is perfect, and their musical connection can perhaps only come from a close family of musicians.”   Dr. Sarah Morelli, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of Denver


““Fabulous!!!!!!  As the world music curator for Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver and the Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, I occasionally hear groups that are exceptional and highly talented.    One such group is “Sands Around Infinity,” a trio that performs both traditional Indian music and music that melds Indian musical elements to Western music and instruments.     Each member of Sands Around Infinity is a master musician (cello, bass, and voice) and each engages in many musical styles and projects – this enables the group to achieve a very high level of artistry while enabling the audience to enjoy a truly spiritual experience.     I have now heard them perform live on three occasions and can hardly wait for the 4th!    The evening at Dazzle was magical and the audience absolutely loved them – Sands Around Infinity was the most requested group for a return performance!    I highly recommend this group!!”   James Bailey, Music Curator, Dairy Center for the Arts in Boulder, Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver


“As a serious practitioner of India classical music, I would like to state that the music composed and played by the ensemble Sands Around Infinity has great possibilities of bringing the musics of America and India into a creative fusion. The performance played for me by the father and sons trio was really moving.”   Pandit Rajeev Taranath, sarod, Mysore, India,  former Professor at CalArts


“I recall the first time that I heard Sands Around Infinity. With no idea of what I was going to hear, I was immediately taken with the beauty of their music. The combination of spiritual color and jazz structure was captivating. Paul Erhard and his sons Jeffrey and Robert each bring their own personal experiences from time spent in India and then weave their talents together to create something wonderful. I had the pleasure of arranging a couple of concerts for these gentlemen. The first was a concert for an older audience and the second for college students. Both were resounding successes. If you haven’t seen this group perform, you need to!”   Kenneth Cox, Vocal Department Chair & Director of Opera, Lamont School of Music at University of Denver, Director Congregational Summer Assembly Concert Series, Frankfort MI


“Sands Around Infinity is able to seamlessly blend the timbral, meditative sounds of India through a rigorous and disciplined command of Western instruments. The result is something entirely new, vital, and hauntingly beautiful. Their music is simultaneously respectful and virtuosic, and their creations betray a sonic mastery that is simply beyond description. The East is able to speak through a distinctly American voice, carrying with it an expression that is simultaneously intellectually satisfying and spiritually fulfilling. Our congregation describes Sands Around Infinity as ‘unique, inspiring, beautiful’.”   Dr. Samuel Welsh, classical pianist, Music Director at the Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

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