Indo Western Fusion with a twist of Jazz


“Sands Around Infinity reaches across the language barrier of East and West with moving, profound, and deeply fulfilling spiritual sound. This music is from a very deep and true source.”

“…beautifully melds Western classical textures with the sweet melodies of Hindu devotional songs in ways that are sometimes ethereal, sometimes lilting, sometimes breathtakingly virtuosic, and always with great care and devotion to their craft…an authentic expression of the identity of this unique family of musicians.”

“Their music is simultaneously respectful and virtuosic, and their creations betray a sonic mastery that is simply beyond description…”

“The combination of spiritual color and jazz structure was captivating. Paul Erhard and his sons Jeffrey and Robert each bring their own personal experiences from time spent in India and then weave their talents together to create something wonderful…. If you haven’t seen this group perform, you need to!”


Sands Around Infinity is happy to announce its new CD Of Infinite Light, a collection of 8 bhajan arrangements is available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay. CD Baby – Of Infinite Light